Questions, November Prompt 2017

November Prompt: Questions- These questions can be answered with 3,5, or 10 answers. Do as many as you would like. I will posting ideas for how to assemble this project.
List of questions:
List when you made a mistake and it taught you something.
List ways you can show yourself caring.
What are your favorite places to escape to?
Things you never want to eat.
What gets on your nerves?
List interesting things about yourself.
What things cause you stress?
If you could make movies what would the titles be?
List qualities you like about your favorite animal.
What are you thankful for?
If you could have super powers what would they be?
What makes you happy?
What do you need more time for?
What would you like to let go of?
List your favorite books.
What is something you would be good at teaching?
What are songs that remind you of having a pleasant time?
What are your favorite television show or movies?
List activities you love to do.
What do you like about your favorite time of year?
List perfect days you have had.
List ways you are a strong person?
What advice would you give to someone younger than you?
How do you express your creativity?
If you could only keep 5 possessions what would they be?
Who do you most admire?
What past events would you like to witness?
What are the most amazing things you ever saw?
What part of your day do you most look forward to?
What excuses do you say for not doing something?
What is something you would like to learn?

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Prompt 50, Meditation


Have you tried meditation? What are your thoughts concerning meditation? Do you feel it needs to be a time consuming process?

The following is from 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante Gunaratana

Practicing One-Minute Mindfulness-“You may wonder what you can do in one minute-that’s hardly time to find your cushion. Stay where you are, sitting standing, lying down-it doesn’t matter, spend 59 minutes of every hour doing whatever you do during the day. But for one minute of that hour, stop whatever you are doing and meditate. You might even set your wristwatch or computer to beep every hour as a reminder.”

From Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones This meditation asks you to focus on a cup of tea, if you don’t enjoy tea please select another beverage :

“Meditate on a cup of warm tea. Hold the mug, feeling the heat against your palms. Lift the cup and smell the aroma of the tea rising in wisps through the air. Taste the tea, letting your mouth delight in the experience. Savor the entire cup staying mindful and focused on the tea and how it makes you feel.”

Prompt 49, Quiet


Every day comes with noise. The alarm signals the time to wake up, ringing phones, text notifications, rushing traffic, the radio, the television and more. That noise can invaded our minds and block our true thoughts and the voice of our souls.

Take time to be quiet. What was that experience like?

Sit comfortably, take three breaths and read the following meditation, continue to meditate for as long as you like.

As I breath in, I slow down I am peaceful, I notice the quiet. I sit quietly letting my mind become quiet also. I listen to my soul speak.


Prompt 48, Energy


What comes to mind when you hear the word energy? Do you have a high level of energy? Are there times when your energy is higher than others?

Respond to this prompt by thinking about what else is happening in your life when your energy levels are low or high.

What could effect your energy level? Is there a stressful situation in your life, do you get enough rest or sleep, are you eating nutritious food? You deserve your own self care,in the same way you would help others.

The following is this week’s meditation:

Find a comfortable place to sit. Take three breaths, read the following words, meditate as long as you would like.

Image positive energy entering into your body, image yourself taking part in healthy habits, eating nutritious food, resting, taking time to do something you love like creating art. Energy is life, your positive energy is important for you to maintain and nourish.

Prompt 43, What touches your Heart?


The following is a meditation from Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones

“Love is pure being. I turn my mind to thoughts of love, becoming present to the energies of love that express in me and through me. Love surrounds me and I am immersed in it. In the moment, there is only love, no fear,. fear cannot withstand the power of love, and I am love in it’s human expression. My thoughts are the love within me, the love I am.”

Mediation can begin by choosing a comfortable place, then sit peacefully in a relaxed manner.  Breathe deeply in and out three times. Please read the meditation above. After you are done reading close your eyes and think of the words you have just read. When you are ready continue with your day.

For this weeks prompt please respond by answering the question, What touches your heart? Is it laughter, a beautiful sunset, another person, a book, or possibly a song? You may respond through mixed media journaling, drawing, digital media, photographs and, or your own words.

We adopted the white cat from a shelter, she had been abandoned and was very cautious if anyone came near her. We also had a kitten and were worried about how they would interact with each other. The white cat took care of the kitten as if she was her own. This touched my heart, to see the tenderness that the older cat demonstrated. Animals can demonstrate the purest form of love, totally without judgement.



Prompt 37, Believe in Your Dreams


Do you have dreams? Are they large or small? Do they seem possible or do view them as unrealistic?

For this week’s response reflect on what your dreams are, are you moving towards making them become a reality, if not what is preventing you, if you are, how did you make this happen?

The first stage of having a dream is when an idea is born in our imagination. It may just stay there and then slowly float away into our subconscious or we may start to make plans to bring it into reality. Our dreams represent a part of us, it helps us to stay connected to who we really are. If a big dream isn’t possible at this time, smaller dreams can be realized.

I may want to have a large art studio, if space or financial concerns prevent this, instead I can devote a corner of a room to creating. I read a story once about a woman who lived a small apartment, she used the space in one of her kitchen cabinets to store her art supplies. Her dream was creating art and she was going to make sure she was able to,even though she had limited space.

Make your dreams happen, even if they have to be altered a bit to bring them to reality!



Prompt 35, Communication


This week’s prompt ask the question, How well are you communicating with those you come into contact on a regular basis? Do you feel that you are clearly stating your feelings? Are you listening to what others are trying to communicate to you? How do you come to a balance so that you own needs are being met, that you are listened to with respect, and you are also listening to others in the same way?

Read the section below about using a direct approach to communicating. How do you feel about this idea? Are you already using a direct approach or do you have a tendency to just hint at what you want or need?

The following is from the book, The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, I  paraphrased some of the sentences.

“Part of owing our own power is learning to communicate clearly, directly, and assertively. We don’t have to beat around the bush in our conversations to control the reactions of others. Guilt producing comments only produce guilt. We can be heard and accepted and listen to others respectfully.”

“Hinting at what we need doesn’t work. Others can’t read our mind. The best way to take responsibility for what we want is to ask  for it directly. If we need to say no to a request, we can. If someone is trying to control us through conversation, we can refuse to participate.”

“We can ask for information and use words to forge a closer connection, but we don’t have to take people around the block with our conversations. We don’t have to listen to, or participate in, nonsense.”

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