Zen Gardening Concepts, Prompt 8 2018

Incorporating concept(s) of Zen Gardening into your art/journal page.Select one or more of the concepts.
1. Kanso-Simplicity equals truth,an elimination of clutter.
2.Fukinsei-Irregularity- creating balance and harmony in composition An example is the Zen circle Enso-an incomplete circle (imperfection of existence
3.Shizen-embracing the natural, absence of the artificial
4. Yugen- Suggesting something rather than revealing, a sense of mystery
5.Datsuzoku- Freedom from habit, in addition sense of wonder
6.Seijaku- Tranquility or an energized calm
7.Shibui-Beautiful by being understated. Also the idea using all the Zen concepts together.

Recognizing Beauty in Everyday Objects, Prompt 7 2018

This week’s prompt is recognizing the beauty in everyday objects. There are two parts to this prompt, you can complete one or both.
The first part is finding everyday objects and using these items to create a temporary mandala. A mandala is a symbol of wholeness and our relationship to the rest of the universe, internally and externally.The Mandalas made of sand are swept away after they are finished to show nothing is permanent in life.
The second step is to create a representation in your journal of the temporary mandala that you made. Another option is to print your photo and add that to your journal.
Looking for the everyday objects to use in the creation of your Mandala causes you to really look at the shape and color of each item.The objects I selected to create my mandala are objects i use in my art. I have a connection to these items internally and externally. I imagine things and then create an external version of what I imagined.

Writing on Water, Prompt 6 2018

This weeks prompt is Writing on Water. Tibetans say that our thoughts can be like writing on water.The thoughts appear and disappear as quickly. When we become aware of our thought patterns we may find this to be true. Awareness can help us practice letting our thoughts appear, observing them and then waiting as they disappear. The point being is that with negative thoughts we don’t need to let ourselves get too attached to them. We have many thoughts that are worth keeping, try to chose which ones you hold onto.

I used a neocolor crayon to write positive thoughts. All these steps were used to reinforce the concepts of the prompt. Thoughts come and go, negative ones aren’t meant to be held onto, we can let them dissolve, disappear and in their place put positive affirming thoughts.

Be Unpredictable, Prompt 5 2018

This week’s prompt is “Be Unpredictable, in a good way.” I think that sometimes we pick goals because we know that we are doing things in a very predictable manner and want to change that cycle.To shake things up it can be fun to do something totally unpredictable. I journaled about the prompt by creating a very unpredictable lady. Collaging is an art activity I really enjoy. You can interpret the prompt in whatever way you like! Enjoy and happy creating!

fish lady

Take Time Prompt 4 2018

This week’s prompt is ” Take Time” you can decide how much time works for you, maybe 5 or 10 minutes every day where you sit quietly, take a walk, or meditate. On my journal page I have glued 2 pockets. Every day when I take time I will write on one of the 7 cards in the choose dreams pocket, about my 5 to 10 minute experience and then place the completed card in the take time pocket. Hope you will take part in this week’s prompt and take sometime for yourself!

It’s in the Details Prompt 3 2018

Theme for this week “It’ s in the details” Discovery of self, understanding where you at this time, what is your starting point for a new journey or chapter in your life. In my journal I created a pocket to hold a mini journal. I can bring the mini journal with me during the week to record the details such as quick sketches of things I observe, bits of conversations you want to remember, a favorite quote. Being in the moment and paying attention to detail is a mindfulness concept. This practice can help you with your goals.


Prompt 2 Part 3 Trusting the Process 2018

process3Step 3: I wanted to incorporate my symbol for the year, the lotus. The clothes pins helped hold the stencil in place. I used the triangle makeup sponge with different shades of purple to make the impression on the circle portion of the page. Around the outside border I wrote the definition of my word for the year, preservance. I outlined the circle with a Sharpie and then went over that with a blue gel pen. I cut a circle from a gel print and glued that in the center of the circle. Inside this circle is where I will write positive strengths I have that will help me succeed in the goals I have selected for the year. It is important to understand what you already have in your “tool box”. What qualities can you use when you are trying something new or run up against a challenge. You may find it difficult to praise yourself, but I think it is an important part of understanding yourself, it helps you to make better decisions for yourself and helps you to draw on resources you use when you are working towards meeting your goals and helping others.