Documenting Kindness


Since the prompts are now on a monthly basis the prompt for the month of February is to record different times during the month when you give kindness to others and when you receive it. The goal of this exercise is to be mindful of how your life touches others and how the kindness of others makes your life change for the better. Our kindness also extends to our animal companions and creatures in nature feel free to record those moments too.

Kindness is something we can give for free. All those actions no matter how small can add up to improve the quality of your day and life, and also do the same for those you come into contact with. It is such a positive and powerful action.


These are the pages where I am going to document kindness for the month of February. I cut the paper into different size shapes and connected the shapes with with washi tape. I used markers and water colors to color in some areas and the images I added. As the month goes on I can write in the different areas and add some doodles.



Intentions Prompt One


Wayne Dyer says  “our intentions create our own reality.” That is a pretty powerful statement. Let us say that aloud right now, my intentions create my reality!

Intentions can be glimpses of dreams, they can be a plan, a value that you carry with you,  an addition or subtraction of a thought or an activity, a move toward the positive.

To go forward with this concept we should ask some questions of ourselves.

  • What is important to me?
  • What would I like to change?
  • What would I like to improve?
  • What direction do I want to move in?
  • What new opportunities do I want to take advantage of?
  • What intentions do I want to bring in to each day?
  • Do I want to create a long range intention or new one each day?

Things to consider as you move forward with your intentions:

  • Keep it positive. Don’t use negative terms such as “I never”
  • Intentions should be connected to what you value.
  • When thinking about your intention stay present in the moment.
  • Take some time each day to meditate or think about the intention you have chosen.
  • Have a conscious goal for the day, month or year.
  • Use art or writing to express your thoughts and feelings about your intention.

For this month’s prompt create in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Journal and/or write about your intentions for the day, month or year.  You can do as much as is convenient for you, it could be a daily , weekly or a monthly entry. There is not any wrong or right, enough or not enough to this process. It is about personnel growth in a mindful way to reach a greater awareness of yourself and your environment.