Mini Muse Minute-Stencil Demo

Mini Muse and I traveled to the PaperCraft Clubhouse today for the monthly art group meeting.



Diane Hovey demonstrated a stencil technique using a Dream Weaver Brass Stencil.


Use a palette knife to spread the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste over the stencil in a thin layer. Diane advised taping the end of the stencil to your working surface to hold it in place and putting post it notes on the side of the stencil to make it easier to clean up. Carefully lift up the stencil to remove. Then let image dry.


Dreamweaver Embossing Paste


These pastels were used to color the embossed image.


Applying the pastels were easy using a cotton swab.


Here is the finished product. It can be sprayed with Aqua Net type hair spray to seal the pastels.

Mini Muse Minute

Say Hi to Mini Muse! Mini Muse will visit from time to time with ideas for creating art in a small format. I think working small can be really fun!!!


If you want to create art and are limited on time a smaller format may be the solution.

mini 1

This Strathmore Visual Journal is 3.5″ x 5″, it is filled with mixed media paper. The stamp is from Dina Wakley, perfect for working in a smaller sized journal.

girl 1

Here is the finished journal pages. This spread took about 10 minutes to complete.