Member’s Art 5

Diane Hovey Prompt 4 A Mindful Minute

Diane Hovey- Friends

Jaya Gangam PROMPT 5 surrender

Jaya Gangam -Surrender

Diane Hovey Prompt 5 Embrace

Diane Hovey- Embrace

Michele Mekel Prompt 8 Helpful Insights

Michele Mekel- Cycles of Life

Diane Hovey Prompt 6 Wandering in the Wilderness

Diane Hovey- Wandering in the Wilderness

Pauline Guppy Prompt 7 Oliver

Pauline Guppy- Oliver

Mollie Eaton Lynus

Mollie Eaton- Lynus

Diane Hovey Prompt 7 Feline Companions

Diane Hovey- Feline Companions

Jaya Gangam Moment to be present in

Jaya Gangam- Believe

Prompt 7 love mara coyle

Mara Coyle Love

Mara Coyle Horse

Mara Coyle Card from a friend

Henry Mara coyle


Mara Coyle  Henry

Member’s Art 4

Prompt 5 annie G-i Art Stand Still

Annie G-i Art- Prompt 5- Stand Still

Peej word prompt

Peej Lankford- Prompt 5- Direction


Pauline Guppy one word today

Pauline Guppy- Prompt 5- Direction

Mollie Eaton Prompt 5 word

Mollie Eaton- Prompt 5- Breathe

Michele Mekel word

Michele Mekel- Prompt 5 -Shakti

Mara Coyle word unfurl

Mara Coyle- Prompt 5 -Unfurl

Pauline Guppy Prompt 6

Pauline Guppy- Prompt 6- Extraordinary Adventures

Mollie Eaton Prompt 6

Mollie Eaton- Prompt 6 -Aloha

Michele Mekel Prompt 6

Prompt 6- Michele Mekel- Bangladazzled and Bangladazed



Peej Lankford- Prompt 6 -Journey


Michele Mekel Prompt 7

Prompt 7- Michele Mekel- Where the Wild Things Roam

Member’s Art 2

More fantastic art work from the journal pages of the members of Journal with Mindfulness 2o16, A Facebook group.

Peej2 (1)

Artist Peej Lankford (flowers inspired by a pin post she saw)

Peej2 (2)

Artist Peej Lankford’s Journal Pages


Artist Mara Coyle


Artist Mollie Eaton


Mollie Eaton’s Journal Pages

Anne G-i Art 1

Annie G-i art journal pages

Anne G-i Art 2

Artist Annie G-i art

Pauline Guppy1

Artist Pauline Guppy

Pauline Guppy2

Journal Page by Artist Pauline Guppy

Pauline Guppy 3

Artist Pauline Guppy’s Journal from 2015 and her 2016 Journal waiting to be filled with art.

Jaya color

Jaya Gangum- journal page for Prompt 2, What is your favorite color?

Jaya favorite place to be

Artist Jaya Gangum’s favorite place to be is at her art table. Her response to Prompt 1, Where do I go to just be?

Member’s Art 1

I love being able to share this wonderful art work that was created by some of our members, in response to the first two prompts in Journal with Mindfulness 2016, a Facebook group.

Cate1 Artist Cate Taylor

Cate2 Journal cover created by Cate Taylor

Cate3 Prompt Response Artist Cate Taylor

cate4 Journal Cover (Front) Artist Cate Taylor

Sonja Philip 1                   Artist Sonja Philip

Sonja Philip 2

Artist Sonja Philip

Michele Mekel2Artist Michele Mekel Journal Response


Michele Mekel1

Artist Michele Mekel Journal Response


Journal being created using mailing box by Artist Peej Lankford