Trusting the Process Part 2 Prompt 2 2018

Yesterday we drew a circle in our journal. Today we are adding watercolor using coordinating colors. Examples of coordinating colors are purple and blue, red and gold, green and blue, green and yellow, pink and green. I placed my craft sheet under the page and used masking tape to hold the page down. This will help stop the page from buckling as it dries and will also provide a border. The definition of coordinate is bringing different elements into a relationship that will ensure harmony. How can we bring harmony to ourselves? What are you focusing on? Is it only one thing that keeps bringing you back to one place. Try bringing your mind and your attention to other focal points. A hobby, a walk, a book, a creative activity. Try to find ways to remove yourself from stress if even for a few minutes. Think of your different talents and how you can bring them to good use. For Wednesday you will need stencils, triangle sponges, and a waterproof pen, matte medium, glue or mod podge,acrylic paint .

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