Prompt 2 Part 3 Trusting the Process 2018

process3Step 3: I wanted to incorporate my symbol for the year, the lotus. The clothes pins helped hold the stencil in place. I used the triangle makeup sponge with different shades of purple to make the impression on the circle portion of the page. Around the outside border I wrote the definition of my word for the year, preservance. I outlined the circle with a Sharpie and then went over that with a blue gel pen. I cut a circle from a gel print and glued that in the center of the circle. Inside this circle is where I will write positive strengths I have that will help me succeed in the goals I have selected for the year. It is important to understand what you already have in your “tool box”. What qualities can you use when you are trying something new or run up against a challenge. You may find it difficult to praise yourself, but I think it is an important part of understanding yourself, it helps you to make better decisions for yourself and helps you to draw on resources you use when you are working towards meeting your goals and helping others.


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