List of 2017 Monthly Prompts

2017 Monthly Prompts: Any of these prompts could be responded to in a single journal entry or with multiple entries.
Any questions on any of these prompts please ask.
1. Intentions- What are your intentions for the coming year? January 2017
2. Documenting Kindness- When have you received or given kindness? February 2017
3.For this prompt journal about where and when you feel the most comfortable, how you feel when you have left your comfort zone, and finally what comfort zone barriers would you like to go beyond. March 2017
4. Inspiration that leads to imagination. Create an inspiration journal and/or a journal page or digital entry starting with your inspiration that gave you your idea for creating, Imagination! April 2017
5.Create a vision board May 2017
6.Spreading kindness through Abandoning Art
Creating things like bookmarks, Artist Trading Cards and leaving them in public spaces.The creations would have positive messages on them. June 2017
7. Being mindful of my creative process. Respond to statements such as:Never compare yourself to other artist. Base your success on how your art has enriched your life and how you feel when you create it. July 2017
8. Create Affirmation Cards. These are cards where you write positive statements. Such as I am creative. August 2017
9. Share your wisdom and knowledge by creating a book that contains things like recipes, how tos and wisdom you have learned from your own experience. This prompt used for it’s inspiration Still Room books. September 2017
10. A thought a day. I used tags for this prompt, you could also use a notebook or a journal. It is simply what ever thought you wanted to remember on any given day. October 2017
11. The prompt asked you to answer a series of questions.
Such as What gets on your nerves? If you could only keep 5 possessions what would those be? Favorite books, songs, movies? How can you show yourself self care? November 2017
12. Getting inspired for the holiday/Winter Season.
Share your recipes,photos of your decorations,ideas for gift wrapping, gift tags,cards and homemade gifts. Decemember 2017

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