Recognizing Beauty in Everyday Objects, Prompt 7 2018

This week’s prompt is recognizing the beauty in everyday objects. There are two parts to this prompt, you can complete one or both.
The first part is finding everyday objects and using these items to create a temporary mandala. A mandala is a symbol of wholeness and our relationship to the rest of the universe, internally and externally.The Mandalas made of sand are swept away after they are finished to show nothing is permanent in life.
The second step is to create a representation in your journal of the temporary mandala that you made. Another option is to print your photo and add that to your journal.
Looking for the everyday objects to use in the creation of your Mandala causes you to really look at the shape and color of each item.The objects I selected to create my mandala are objects i use in my art. I have a connection to these items internally and externally. I imagine things and then create an external version of what I imagined.

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