2018 Prompts Introduction

Choosing a symbol and thoughts on creating art.
To start our year off- on the first page of your journal draw stamp, stencil or collage an image you want to use as your symbol. Write what meaning this has for you.
For 2018 we will be stepping toward our goals in a mindful process through the prompts. The emphasis of journaling or using other mediums to express yourself such as photography, writing or digital medium is to come in contact with your feelings and reach a level of awareness of the direction you want to go in and what decisions or actions you are taking that will be the most positive for you.
I think that this process will become easier if we let go of the idea of perfection while creating art.
I have an exercise bike near my TV. I hop on and will pedal for about 30 minutes. I am not ready for Tour de France, nor will I ever be, that doesn’t mean my effort doesn’t have merit. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have goals, I am saying that always telling yourself this is not perfect or good enough can be limiting and stop your progress and enjoyment. This year make a commitment to Just Create without judgement of your art while following the Mindfulness prompts, or working on your own projects, in a class or with another group.

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