Prompt 50, Meditation


Have you tried meditation? What are your thoughts concerning meditation? Do you feel it needs to be a time consuming process?

The following is from 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante Gunaratana

Practicing One-Minute Mindfulness-“You may wonder what you can do in one minute-that’s hardly time to find your cushion. Stay where you are, sitting standing, lying down-it doesn’t matter, spend 59 minutes of every hour doing whatever you do during the day. But for one minute of that hour, stop whatever you are doing and meditate. You might even set your wristwatch or computer to beep every hour as a reminder.”

From Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones This meditation asks you to focus on a cup of tea, if you don’t enjoy tea please select another beverage :

“Meditate on a cup of warm tea. Hold the mug, feeling the heat against your palms. Lift the cup and smell the aroma of the tea rising in wisps through the air. Taste the tea, letting your mouth delight in the experience. Savor the entire cup staying mindful and focused on the tea and how it makes you feel.”

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