Prompt 48, Energy


What comes to mind when you hear the word energy? Do you have a high level of energy? Are there times when your energy is higher than others?

Respond to this prompt by thinking about what else is happening in your life when your energy levels are low or high.

What could effect your energy level? Is there a stressful situation in your life, do you get enough rest or sleep, are you eating nutritious food? You deserve your own self care,in the same way you would help others.

The following is this week’s meditation:

Find a comfortable place to sit. Take three breaths, read the following words, meditate as long as you would like.

Image positive energy entering into your body, image yourself taking part in healthy habits, eating nutritious food, resting, taking time to do something you love like creating art. Energy is life, your positive energy is important for you to maintain and nourish.

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