Prompt 47, Pausing


When we are rushing we may feel that we are like the bird in the quote, that everything is giving way. That is why it is so important to pause, to rest, to remind ourselves that we have inner strength. Respond by creating a bird and your thoughts on the concept of pausing. Another option for the response could be a photograph of a bird and written words.

Find a comfortable place to sit, take three breaths and meditate as long as you would like. This meditation is from Be mindful, by Marie D. Jones

“Pausing in the rushing and chaos of my day, I stop and breathe deeply. closing my eyes, I bring my focus into the present, mindful of exactly where I am in this moment. Here, I rest for a while, just breathing. I am totally present and aware of my surroundings. My focus is sharp and my mind is clear. From this place of presence, I finish my day with clarity and calm.”

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