Prompt 46, Clutter


When I am in a hurry or just don’t feel like it I will not match my socks and just pile them into the dresser drawer. A few days later when I am in a hurry and have run out of matching socks, chaos is happening! I first rummage, then socks are flying out of the drawer, finally in frustration I dump the drawer out on the bed.

Mental clutter in our heads can lead to the same results, frustration and possibly a feeling of anxiety. What can we do to clean away some of that mental clutter?

One idea is to make a list of different thoughts that you feel are cluttering your mind. Are they problems? Is there any possible solution? Another option is to create a collage. Flip through magazines and find images that represents your thoughts. After your collage is finished you can use a marker such as a Sharpie and journal or doodle.

Sit comfortably, take three breaths and meditate for as long as you would like.

This meditation is from Be Mindful, by Marie D. Jones

“Free the mind from clutter. Let thoughts drift off like clouds. Think only these things: love,peace, joy. Continue to breathe slowly and be with that one thought.”

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