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Prompt 52, Gifts


We all have different gifts. When we are mindful of the gifts we have it enables us to find a way to share these gifts with others. You may have the ability to calm someone down when they are upset, maybe you are a fantastic cook and your culinary creations bring comfort to your family, your art can touch others, your wisdom can be a guiding light to those that are lost in the darkness of problems, you may have the patience to teach a skill to someone in need. The ways in which we can share the beauty of who we are, are too numerous to list!

Thank you for the gift of spending this past year with all of you. I have gained insight and wisdom from your thoughtful and beautiful responses to the prompts. I hope that this group has been a gift to you also and that it has helped you in some way.

I close this year of mindfulness with some words to mediate on:

First, believe in this world- that there is meaning behind everything. Everything in the world is good, is holy and beautiful.” Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones

Let us find ways to make those words true, let us share peace, understanding and the gifts that we were blessed with.


Prompt 51, Mindfulness


“Mindfulness is paying attention to the here and now. It is not about denying feelings or experiences, but being fully present with them.” Be Mindful, by Marie D. Jones

What are your thoughts about your experience over the last year?

Find a comfortable place to sit, take three breaths, and meditate on the following for as long as you would like.

Envision a loved animal companion or person that brings you joy and let that be the focus of your meditation today. Immerse yourself in appreciation and gratitude for this beloved presence.



Prompt 50, Meditation


Have you tried meditation? What are your thoughts concerning meditation? Do you feel it needs to be a time consuming process?

The following is from 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante Gunaratana

Practicing One-Minute Mindfulness-“You may wonder what you can do in one minute-that’s hardly time to find your cushion. Stay where you are, sitting standing, lying down-it doesn’t matter, spend 59 minutes of every hour doing whatever you do during the day. But for one minute of that hour, stop whatever you are doing and meditate. You might even set your wristwatch or computer to beep every hour as a reminder.”

From Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones This meditation asks you to focus on a cup of tea, if you don’t enjoy tea please select another beverage :

“Meditate on a cup of warm tea. Hold the mug, feeling the heat against your palms. Lift the cup and smell the aroma of the tea rising in wisps through the air. Taste the tea, letting your mouth delight in the experience. Savor the entire cup staying mindful and focused on the tea and how it makes you feel.”

Prompt 49, Quiet


Every day comes with noise. The alarm signals the time to wake up, ringing phones, text notifications, rushing traffic, the radio, the television and more. That noise can invaded our minds and block our true thoughts and the voice of our souls.

Take time to be quiet. What was that experience like?

Sit comfortably, take three breaths and read the following meditation, continue to meditate for as long as you like.

As I breath in, I slow down I am peaceful, I notice the quiet. I sit quietly letting my mind become quiet also. I listen to my soul speak.


Prompt 48, Energy


What comes to mind when you hear the word energy? Do you have a high level of energy? Are there times when your energy is higher than others?

Respond to this prompt by thinking about what else is happening in your life when your energy levels are low or high.

What could effect your energy level? Is there a stressful situation in your life, do you get enough rest or sleep, are you eating nutritious food? You deserve your own self care,in the same way you would help others.

The following is this week’s meditation:

Find a comfortable place to sit. Take three breaths, read the following words, meditate as long as you would like.

Image positive energy entering into your body, image yourself taking part in healthy habits, eating nutritious food, resting, taking time to do something you love like creating art. Energy is life, your positive energy is important for you to maintain and nourish.

Prompt 47, Pausing


When we are rushing we may feel that we are like the bird in the quote, that everything is giving way. That is why it is so important to pause, to rest, to remind ourselves that we have inner strength. Respond by creating a bird and your thoughts on the concept of pausing. Another option for the response could be a photograph of a bird and written words.

Find a comfortable place to sit, take three breaths and meditate as long as you would like. This meditation is from Be mindful, by Marie D. Jones

“Pausing in the rushing and chaos of my day, I stop and breathe deeply. closing my eyes, I bring my focus into the present, mindful of exactly where I am in this moment. Here, I rest for a while, just breathing. I am totally present and aware of my surroundings. My focus is sharp and my mind is clear. From this place of presence, I finish my day with clarity and calm.”

Prompt 46, Clutter


When I am in a hurry or just don’t feel like it I will not match my socks and just pile them into the dresser drawer. A few days later when I am in a hurry and have run out of matching socks, chaos is happening! I first rummage, then socks are flying out of the drawer, finally in frustration I dump the drawer out on the bed.

Mental clutter in our heads can lead to the same results, frustration and possibly a feeling of anxiety. What can we do to clean away some of that mental clutter?

One idea is to make a list of different thoughts that you feel are cluttering your mind. Are they problems? Is there any possible solution? Another option is to create a collage. Flip through magazines and find images that represents your thoughts. After your collage is finished you can use a marker such as a Sharpie and journal or doodle.

Sit comfortably, take three breaths and meditate for as long as you would like.

This meditation is from Be Mindful, by Marie D. Jones

“Free the mind from clutter. Let thoughts drift off like clouds. Think only these things: love,peace, joy. Continue to breathe slowly and be with that one thought.”