Prompt 44, Yellow,Green and Red


Certain combinations of colors can create a dramatic effect.Yellow, green and red are one of those combinations. For this prompt use the colors yellow, green and red in your response. You may respond using mixed media, drawing, digital media, photographs and/or words. If you are responding with writing you can express how these colors make you feel or what do you think of when you see these colors.


What follows are some exerts from the book Color, A natural history of the palette, by Victoria Finlay




One of the of the sources of the color yellow is Saffron. “There is something magical about the saffron crocus. One evening the sun goes down on a bare field, then as if from nowhere the flower appears overnight, blooms for a morning, and then by the end of the day is gone.”

Yellow is a cheerful color reflecting happiness and a positive state of being.




“There was once in China a secret color.It was so secret that it was said only royalty could own it, It was found on a very special kind of porcelain, which was called mi se, meaning mysterious color. During the ninth and tenth centuries when it was made, and for hundreds of years afterward, people would wonder what it looked like, and why it was such a secret.”

Green  is a color that symbolizes harmony and nature.




“A fashion statement in medieval Europe was to wear clothes made of a new cloth, imported from central Asia. The cloth was called scarlet. But the curious thing is scarlet wasn’t always red. Sometimes it was blue or green or occasionally black, and the reason that in English, scarlet now means red is because of the dye kermes.” (This  section was paraphrased.) Kermes is a scaled insect.

Red is a color that represents energy and passion.

This week’s Meditation:

Sit comfortably. Take three deep breaths, reading the following words, sit for as long as you would like thinking of what those words mean to you.

I am love and light. I am peace and harmony. I am happiness and joy. I am strength and courage. I am surrounded with goodness. This goodness will flow outward to others I meet.


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