Prompt 43, What touches your Heart?


The following is a meditation from Be Mindful by Marie D. Jones

“Love is pure being. I turn my mind to thoughts of love, becoming present to the energies of love that express in me and through me. Love surrounds me and I am immersed in it. In the moment, there is only love, no fear,. fear cannot withstand the power of love, and I am love in it’s human expression. My thoughts are the love within me, the love I am.”

Mediation can begin by choosing a comfortable place, then sit peacefully in a relaxed manner.  Breathe deeply in and out three times. Please read the meditation above. After you are done reading close your eyes and think of the words you have just read. When you are ready continue with your day.

For this weeks prompt please respond by answering the question, What touches your heart? Is it laughter, a beautiful sunset, another person, a book, or possibly a song? You may respond through mixed media journaling, drawing, digital media, photographs and, or your own words.

We adopted the white cat from a shelter, she had been abandoned and was very cautious if anyone came near her. We also had a kitten and were worried about how they would interact with each other. The white cat took care of the kitten as if she was her own. This touched my heart, to see the tenderness that the older cat demonstrated. Animals can demonstrate the purest form of love, totally without judgement.



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