Prompt 42, Something New


For this week’s prompt respond by journaling about something new you tried or describe your thoughts about the experience of trying something new. You may respond by creating with mixed media, drawing, photographs and/or writing.


At one time I decided I wanted to try a new restaurant in my area. I had never used chopsticks before. The waiter could see I was struggling to figure out how to use them, he was kind enough to give me some tips. As I was trying to pick up the noodles I noticed or was mindful of the chopsticks in my hand, the way the noodles slide off them back into the soup, my frustration, my laughter, and finally how hungry I was. I kept trying and eventually managed to finish the meal. Of course after years of eating with chopsticks I no longer pay attention to the process.

I think the feeling of being conscious of our ability or inability to perform a new task is at once why we feel positive and negative about the process. In feeling conscious of not being able to do something, we naturally want to turn away, as we may feel we will fail. If we instead can look at it as a new beginning. A chance to see if we will enjoy it or not. To learn. Besides using the chopsticks it was my first time trying this type of soup. I wondered what flavor does this have, what are the ingredients, is it too  spicy or salty? It is now one of my favorite foods.

In Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana,  the author is speaking about the meditation process, I think the following words below from the book can also be applied to the concentration we experience when we are trying something new.

“Deep concentration has the effect of slowing down the thought process and speeding up the awareness viewing it.The result is the enhanced ability to examine the thought process. Concentration is our microscope for viewing internal states. We use the focus of attention to achieve one-pointedness of mind with calm and constantly applied attention.”


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