Prompt 41, Character


The University of California studied the affect of a two week mindfulness course on the   reading. After practicing mindfulness it was noted that mind wandering had decreased, cognitive performance and reading comprehension had improved, as did working memory capacity.

Please respond to this week’s prompt by depicting  a positive character from a book you have read or movie you have watched. You may respond through mixed media journaling, drawing, digital media, writing and or photographs. I think that being mindful of the characters in books and movies helps us to realize more about other people.


The character I choose was Tilo from the book Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

Tilo is taught the ancient art of spices by other women that possess the special healing power that is passed on to the main character. Tilo is sent to Oakland, California  where she becomes the proprietress of a spice shop. Her true appearance is not shown, she appears to be an very old woman to her customers.She dispenses spices as curatives and timeless wisdom to help others solve life’s problems to the people who visit her shop.

Tilo needs to make a life difficult changing decision as the story comes to a conclusion. I consider Tilo a positive character as she grows and becomes strong from learning from a society of women. She demonstrates wisdom and knowledge as she helps the different people who enter into her shop. People are grateful to her and respond to her in positive way. Her skill and compassion transcends any preconceived notion of beauty. She is who she is weather she appears as a young or an elderly person. She represents the strength of women and their ability to make a difference in the world.

When I first started creating this page, I had no idea who the women was that was appearing on the page.  As I continued I realized that it was the vision that I had in my mind of what Tilo looked like. I find it amazing that people who read the same book, imagine the appearance of a character differently than another reader. I have watched movies after I read a book and thought, that is not what that character is supposed to look like!

Looking forward to seeing what characters you choose!


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