Prompt 40, Spark


Some definitions of a spark are “a specified quality or intense feeling” or ” a catalyst that brings about change or action.” A creative spark is something that helps us to think of artistic ideas. For this week’s prompt please photograph or list images that sparked your creativity and then apply it to your journal response, through mixed media art, drawing, original photographs and or writing.

Looking for images can be connected to mindfulness. In “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Bhante Gunatatana, he says the following, “Deep concentration has the effect of slowing down the thought process and speeding up the awareness of viewing it. The result is the enhanced ability  to examine the thought process. Concentration is our microscope for viewing subtle internal states. We use the focus of attention to achieve one-pointedness of mind and with calm and constantly applied attention. Without a reference point you get lost, overcome by ceaseless waves of change flowing round and round within the mind.”

The activity for this week’s prompt involves deep concentration, you have to slow down enough to take the time to look for images, when you decide what images to use it will  help you examine your thoughts, and it will give you a reference point for your creative process.

This morning I was looking through the Sunday newspaper and my scrap box . I selected images that helped spark my creativity. I was attracted to some because of the color combinations, others by their patterns and some by the possibilities they presented for inclusion in a collage. Below is my response to this week’s prompt.


These are the images that I clipped out of the paper that influenced my creative choices in the collage I created.

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