Prompt 38, Take Time


For your response to this week’s prompt make a creation that takes 15 minutes. As always your response can be art, drawing, digital media, writing and/or your photographs.

I love to create art. Sometimes all the other things I need to do get in the way. Days continue to go by and before you know it there is a layer of dust on all your supplies. Before it gets to the cobweb stage , you can start today to make some time to make art. Read below for “quick create”  ideas.

When my children were little, and my life was full with work and the responsibilities of a family I would set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier than I needed to get up. In this time I would read before I got out of bed. It would take a long time to get through a novel, but I still accomplished finishing the book. Using the 15 minute method creating art can also be accomplished.

suppliesMany artist have posted about travel kits to take art on the road. You can also use this concept to make a “quick create” kit for home. All your supplies can be placed in a basket. Some ideas are artist trading cards, a small pad or journal, small sized tags, markers,gelatos, a small plastic envelope with ephemera, small squares of tissue paper, watercolors, scissors, a glue stick and a tape runner.



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