Prompt 37, Believe in Your Dreams


Do you have dreams? Are they large or small? Do they seem possible or do view them as unrealistic?

For this week’s response reflect on what your dreams are, are you moving towards making them become a reality, if not what is preventing you, if you are, how did you make this happen?

The first stage of having a dream is when an idea is born in our imagination. It may just stay there and then slowly float away into our subconscious or we may start to make plans to bring it into reality. Our dreams represent a part of us, it helps us to stay connected to who we really are. If a big dream isn’t possible at this time, smaller dreams can be realized.

I may want to have a large art studio, if space or financial concerns prevent this, instead I can devote a corner of a room to creating. I read a story once about a woman who lived a small apartment, she used the space in one of her kitchen cabinets to store her art supplies. Her dream was creating art and she was going to make sure she was able to,even though she had limited space.

Make your dreams happen, even if they have to be altered a bit to bring them to reality!



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