Prompt 35, Communication


This week’s prompt ask the question, How well are you communicating with those you come into contact on a regular basis? Do you feel that you are clearly stating your feelings? Are you listening to what others are trying to communicate to you? How do you come to a balance so that you own needs are being met, that you are listened to with respect, and you are also listening to others in the same way?

Read the section below about using a direct approach to communicating. How do you feel about this idea? Are you already using a direct approach or do you have a tendency to just hint at what you want or need?

The following is from the book, The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, I  paraphrased some of the sentences.

“Part of owing our own power is learning to communicate clearly, directly, and assertively. We don’t have to beat around the bush in our conversations to control the reactions of others. Guilt producing comments only produce guilt. We can be heard and accepted and listen to others respectfully.”

“Hinting at what we need doesn’t work. Others can’t read our mind. The best way to take responsibility for what we want is to ask  for it directly. If we need to say no to a request, we can. If someone is trying to control us through conversation, we can refuse to participate.”

“We can ask for information and use words to forge a closer connection, but we don’t have to take people around the block with our conversations. We don’t have to listen to, or participate in, nonsense.”

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