Prompt 33, Patterns


The definition of pattern in artwork is a decorative design with a repetition of elements.

There are patterns to see every day in our environment. For this prompt respond by creating and or writing about patterns. If you would like to expand on this theme incorporate the theme of the quote which is breaking established patterns in your life.

Repeating designs can give a sense of rhythm or movement when they repeat, they can also create pattern and texture in an object.

I like to take photos of patterns that grab my attention for later use in my artwork.

fence shape

This scroll pattern was on the inside of an antique trolley.


lamp pattern

This is a lantern, this a good example of a patterned design creating texture.

flower shape

This photo is a roof, the flowers are an example of a repeating pattern.

napkin pattern

Table napkins are a great source for patterns. Here the repeating swirl gives the sense of movement.

screen pattern

This photo is of a folding screen.The use of different patterns creates interest to the piece.

paper patterns

Coloring books are are a good reference for patterns.


This is a trellis in a garden. The lines of the object bring your eye to the different shapes of the leaves.

prompt 33

I drew out these patterns as a reference to use in my journal page. I always find it helps to have a source to look at when creating. It sparks my imagination.
I also enjoy trying different art techniques to avoid getting into a monotonous pattern of creating. When I try different techniques it causes me to think about my creative process in a new way.

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