Prompt 32, Loving



Please respond to this prompt by describing how you feel after showing yourself some loving kindness. Please respond with art journaling, digital media, writing and/or photographs.

The following is a meditation from the book, Mindfulness a Practical Guide by Tessa Watts:

“Have a sense of sending yourself good wishes, warmth and kindness. You could imagine giving yourself a warm blanket, a cup of tea, or whatever would make you feel happy and loved. You can say to yourself, either in these words, or your own words:

  • May I be safe
  • May I be happy
  • May I be free from suffering
  • May I be at ease

Spend few minutes feeling the essence of these words, and generating these feelings of loving-kindness for yourself. You may find this challenging and emotional, or awkward and artificial-don’t worry, just have a go and see what it feels like.”

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