Prompt 30, Enthusiasm


“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel positive energy.” Paulo Coelho

This week’s prompt ask you to mindfully think about how much enthusiasm you have for different activities. What effect does your level of enthusiasm have on your personal energy?

Of course this would seem like common sense. If we want to do something,we are going to have more energy. Mindfulness enters in when we take time to be aware of those levels of energy and it’s effects our mood and actions.


The ocean is one of my favorite places to be. This photo is from a vacation we enjoyed in Maine. I had a very enthusiastic attitude that day as we were walking around the rocky shore, and of course my energy level was high!

With activities that I have less enthusiasm about I notice my energy level will become lower. Some things we have no control over, such as going to work. We may enjoy our job, but not all the task associated with it.  In the workplace and at home we can make some small adjustments to make those moments more bearable. At home we could space some of the less pleasant jobs out, with an enjoyable activity in between. In the workplace we could practice a minute mediation.




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