Prompt 29, Wandering with Mindfulness


This week’s prompt has two parts, you can respond to the first part and skip the second, or vice a versa, or do both.

The first part of the prompt ask the question, What have you discovered from wandering in different locations away from home? Featured below is my journal response. I have discovered beauty and peace. Sometimes the memories of  a beautiful sight I have had the pleasure of seeing, remains vivid. Certain places also have a feeling of peace about them. I like to recall those moments that seem to rest deep inside my soul. Wandering can led to a deeper sense of mindful awareness brought about by experiencing something that can be carried with you even after you return home. My journal page is a representation of a lily pond  I visited on a hot July day. There were dragon flies gliding over the pond and little frogs poking their heads up from under the lily pads. The lilies were white with a shading of pink, the sky was a sapphire blue, it was very quiet except for the high call of the June bugs.for prompt 29

The second part of the prompt ask for ideas about how you can travel with mindfulness, whether you are on a far away vacation or spending a day at a local park.

I decided the best way I can take mindfulness and art with me is to create a travel journal.

Here are some pages from my travel journal I made this week. I chose a small journal that would fit inside my purse. I completed some prep work to the book . I added scrap booking paper to some pages, to others I added card stock. I then added a layer of gesso and some paint.

I also cut out some images to use in the journal which I placed in a plastic pouch for easy carrying.  My travel art supply kit includes a paint brush, a pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a Sharpie, Pitt brush markers, Inktense pencils, a glue stick and a small travel watercolor set.


Here are the images I cut out for later use in my travel journal.The pouch measures 7×9 inches.


I covered the front of  the journal with paper. I like to pick a paper that has a design that I can embellish with markers.


I cut this mindfulness quote out of a magazine and glued it into my travel journal.


On these two pages I added a mindfulness quote and images. I left white space for drawing or writing.


The last few pages are file folders, I found ones that I already had that fit perfectly. I put the file folders in to hold ephemera I find on my travels.There is also a pocket on the back flap for holding Artist Trading Cards.


I created this completed page in my travel journal as an example, the inspiration for this  came from a vacation I took last year when I had a chance to see a pond full of lotus blossoms.

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