Prompt 28, Watching and the Creative Process


For this prompt respond by answering the question: How does what you watch influence your creative process? This concept deals with watching in the sense that goes beyond looking, an example of this would be watching a play.

I planted this Lavender in my garden about 20 years ago. It grows just outside my kitchen door next to the path that leads into the house. When it blooms it is beautiful to look at and attracts bees and the butterflies. In “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh , he asks the question, What are you watching? When we watch anything we can imagine that we are taking in those images as seeds, they can be negative seeds  or positive seeds. “We will think and act out of those seeds.” If I am watching nature in my garden I am planting positive seeds, as it may inspire me to create a painting of flowers or a similar subject. Today I was inspired by watching the butterflies that were flying from flower to flower to create the page pictured below. I wanted to convey the idea of movement, at first I painted in circles that were perfectly round, I altered it by painting a top layer with a deeper shade of blue, and making the circles uneven. I added the dots to give the effect of the dabbled light that plays in the garden later in the day. I put down a base of watercolor and then stenciled over the page with a darker colored paint.The journal I am using is contains watercolor paper.


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