Prompt 26, Patience

“We are always trying to get some place. We have a strong need to be on the way to some better moment, some better time when it will all come together for us. You can’t make a butterfly come out of a chrysalis before it’s ready.” “Mindfulness for Beginners” Jon Kabat-Zinn

I think one example of patience is waiting to go on a vacation. So many plans to make, check off all the items on the list, get in the car, out of the driveway and then traveling to my destination, hoping I did remember everything that I had on that list. In the weeks that lead up to my departure am I thinking of anything else “?”, probably not. My impatience to leave and go have some fun can get in the way of all those moments of enjoyment in the weeks before I leave.

This week I practiced patience with a new art technique I tried.It involved using a Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Marker. I was looking around on the net and found a video of someone using this technique. “That looks like fun”, I said, “I think I will give it a go.” I did like the effect it gave. I also learned a few things about using it. Applying it thicker is better than a thin layer. I used a light grade of water color paper. The next time I would use a better grade paper as when you are rubbing the mask off the paper it can have a slight tendency to tear.It also took longer to remove the mask, which means I will have to go back and complete the piece tomorrow.


Here is the first step. I applied the mask through stencils.I used the 4.0 Moltow Masking Marker, I need to get the thinner tip marker also,when getting into small spaces the tip flakes apart due to rubbing against stencil surface.


After the mask was dry I added the watercolor to the page.


Here is the work in progress I used an eraser and a pointed plastic palette knife to remove the mask after the watercolor was dry. I need to go back and add color in some of the white spaces to finish this journal page.




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