Prompt 25, Being Yorurself

“The only person that you have the remotest possibility of being like is yourself. And that, when it comes down to it, is the real challenge of mindfulness: the challenge to be yourself. The irony of course is that you already are.” Jon Kabal Zinn

For this prompt please respond with your thoughts about being true to yourself with art, digital media, prose, photographs, and writing.

I remember being a young girl and watching a parade on the television, I was sitting on the piano bench pretending to be one of the people on the float. I was waving at an invisible crowd. Of course that is regular childhood behavior. Another event is answering the  question of, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. It is a good thing to set goals for ourselves no more what age we are. That difficult thing is retaining a sense of self.

I can always tell when I veer away from the path of being true to myself,  I start to feel uncomfortable, and then ask myself the question, “What are you doing?”.  It is important to make your own decisions, take control of your life and be mindful of who you truly are. I try not to do things to please crowds real or imagined.


Here is the close up of the mosaic I created in response to this week’s prompt.I used a file folder, Pan Pastels with stencils and a perfect medium pen for the first layer. I then applied different papers randomly to the piece, finally I used paint pens, brush markers,  watercolor and stamps to unify the work.


My completed journal page.I used a Jane Davenport stencil to create the face, I used this element to represent self. I wrote two Jon Kabal Zinn quotes, I cut out some paper with the words I dream all day long and be brave. The butterflies represent personnel freedom.The plants are a reminder that we are all unique from the moment of creation .

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