Prompt 24, Interrelated


Being mindful of how we interact can be something as simple as returning a smile or planting flowers in the garden that are helpful to birds or butterflies. The above photo is poppies from my garden. When I am working out in the garden it is easy to observe how all the different creatures and insects that are attracted to the area are connected to each other.

“You will see that you are interrelated to everyone and everything, that your every act is linked with the whole of human kind and the whole cosmos” From Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh


I was thinking of the universe and all of creation when I was responding to this week’s prompt. The purple aura around her head represents spirituality, equilibrium and open awareness. All of which is important to a mindful attitude. Positive interrelation to the earth, other people and animals are all part of a good mindfulness practice.

I decided to use a color palette of purple, blue and yellow. I found the image in a newspaper which I collagedĀ  in the center of the page, I also collaged with other papers for the beginning of the background.. The next step was to paint in the yellow background using Golden Paints, I painted the image with a combination of gel pens, Pitt brush markers, Golden and Dina Wakley paint. Using a Crafter’s Workshop stencil I created the aura around her head. I then used a Gwen Lafluer Stencil Girl Stencil for the overlay to the background. I used a baby wipe removing some paint to soften the appearance and let some of the background images and paint show through. Finally I used a Fudball pen to write my thoughts on the prompt.


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