Prompt 23, Seeing



I took this photograph of a Peony in my garden recently, just after a rain storm. I changed the original to grey scale. Of course this greatly effects the appearance of the flower. When you look at each photograph do have different feelings or thoughts?

For the prompt this week notice how you react to different things that you see. Also please take the time to really see what is around you. Your journal responses can be completed with art, digital medium, words and/or original photographs.

From “Living Buddha,Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Our eyes are wonderful. Every time we open our eyes, we see  thousands of marvelous forms and colors. If we take a moment to touch our eyes deeply, we will feel real peace and joy.”

“Don’t just look at something- see it, feel it and imagine it. Everyone you meet has a story to tell. When someone looks at you engage them with a smile. Notice little things you usually pass over like the flowers in the neighbor’s yard. Be present for yourself and others. Be Mindful.”  “Be Mindful” Marie D. Jones

For a fun way to be mindful of what you see, try looking for these objects on the list below:

  1. Yellow Car
  2. Butterfly
  3. For Sale Sign
  4. Person Reading
  5. Runner
  6. Cup of Coffee
  7. Spray Bottle
  8. White Cat or Dog
  9. Footprints
  10. Statue




I used collage, Tim Holtz crayons, and acrylic paint. I cut out words from a magazine for the quote on the top of the page, If you open your mind you’ll see beautiful things.

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