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Prompt 26, Patience

“We are always trying to get some place. We have a strong need to be on the way to some better moment, some better time when it will all come together for us. You can’t make a butterfly come out of a chrysalis before it’s ready.” “Mindfulness for Beginners” Jon Kabat-Zinn

I think one example of patience is waiting to go on a vacation. So many plans to make, check off all the items on the list, get in the car, out of the driveway and then traveling to my destination, hoping I did remember everything that I had on that list. In the weeks that lead up to my departure am I thinking of anything else “?”, probably not. My impatience to leave and go have some fun can get in the way of all those moments of enjoyment in the weeks before I leave.

This week I practiced patience with a new art technique I tried.It involved using a Molotow Grafx Art Masking Liquid Marker. I was looking around on the net and found a video of someone using this technique. “That looks like fun”, I said, “I think I will give it a go.” I did like the effect it gave. I also learned a few things about using it. Applying it thicker is better than a thin layer. I used a light grade of water color paper. The next time I would use a better grade paper as when you are rubbing the mask off the paper it can have a slight tendency to tear.It also took longer to remove the mask, which means I will have to go back and complete the piece tomorrow.


Here is the first step. I applied the mask through stencils.I used the 4.0 Moltow Masking Marker, I need to get the thinner tip marker also,when getting into small spaces the tip flakes apart due to rubbing against stencil surface.


After the mask was dry I added the watercolor to the page.


Here is the work in progress I used an eraser and a pointed plastic palette knife to remove the mask after the watercolor was dry. I need to go back and add color in some of the white spaces to finish this journal page.




Prompt 25, Being Yorurself

“The only person that you have the remotest possibility of being like is yourself. And that, when it comes down to it, is the real challenge of mindfulness: the challenge to be yourself. The irony of course is that you already are.” Jon Kabal Zinn

For this prompt please respond with your thoughts about being true to yourself with art, digital media, prose, photographs, and writing.

I remember being a young girl and watching a parade on the television, I was sitting on the piano bench pretending to be one of the people on the float. I was waving at an invisible crowd. Of course that is regular childhood behavior. Another event is answering the  question of, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. It is a good thing to set goals for ourselves no more what age we are. That difficult thing is retaining a sense of self.

I can always tell when I veer away from the path of being true to myself,  I start to feel uncomfortable, and then ask myself the question, “What are you doing?”.  It is important to make your own decisions, take control of your life and be mindful of who you truly are. I try not to do things to please crowds real or imagined.


Here is the close up of the mosaic I created in response to this week’s prompt.I used a file folder, Pan Pastels with stencils and a perfect medium pen for the first layer. I then applied different papers randomly to the piece, finally I used paint pens, brush markers,  watercolor and stamps to unify the work.


My completed journal page.I used a Jane Davenport stencil to create the face, I used this element to represent self. I wrote two Jon Kabal Zinn quotes, I cut out some paper with the words I dream all day long and be brave. The butterflies represent personnel freedom.The plants are a reminder that we are all unique from the moment of creation .

Prompt 24, Interrelated


Being mindful of how we interact can be something as simple as returning a smile or planting flowers in the garden that are helpful to birds or butterflies. The above photo is poppies from my garden. When I am working out in the garden it is easy to observe how all the different creatures and insects that are attracted to the area are connected to each other.

“You will see that you are interrelated to everyone and everything, that your every act is linked with the whole of human kind and the whole cosmos” From Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh


I was thinking of the universe and all of creation when I was responding to this week’s prompt. The purple aura around her head represents spirituality, equilibrium and open awareness. All of which is important to a mindful attitude. Positive interrelation to the earth, other people and animals are all part of a good mindfulness practice.

I decided to use a color palette of purple, blue and yellow. I found the image in a newspaper which I collaged  in the center of the page, I also collaged with other papers for the beginning of the background.. The next step was to paint in the yellow background using Golden Paints, I painted the image with a combination of gel pens, Pitt brush markers, Golden and Dina Wakley paint. Using a Crafter’s Workshop stencil I created the aura around her head. I then used a Gwen Lafluer Stencil Girl Stencil for the overlay to the background. I used a baby wipe removing some paint to soften the appearance and let some of the background images and paint show through. Finally I used a Fudball pen to write my thoughts on the prompt.


Prompt 23, Seeing



I took this photograph of a Peony in my garden recently, just after a rain storm. I changed the original to grey scale. Of course this greatly effects the appearance of the flower. When you look at each photograph do have different feelings or thoughts?

For the prompt this week notice how you react to different things that you see. Also please take the time to really see what is around you. Your journal responses can be completed with art, digital medium, words and/or original photographs.

From “Living Buddha,Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Our eyes are wonderful. Every time we open our eyes, we see  thousands of marvelous forms and colors. If we take a moment to touch our eyes deeply, we will feel real peace and joy.”

“Don’t just look at something- see it, feel it and imagine it. Everyone you meet has a story to tell. When someone looks at you engage them with a smile. Notice little things you usually pass over like the flowers in the neighbor’s yard. Be present for yourself and others. Be Mindful.”  “Be Mindful” Marie D. Jones

For a fun way to be mindful of what you see, try looking for these objects on the list below:

  1. Yellow Car
  2. Butterfly
  3. For Sale Sign
  4. Person Reading
  5. Runner
  6. Cup of Coffee
  7. Spray Bottle
  8. White Cat or Dog
  9. Footprints
  10. Statue




I used collage, Tim Holtz crayons, and acrylic paint. I cut out words from a magazine for the quote on the top of the page, If you open your mind you’ll see beautiful things.