Prompt 22, Kindness


Kindness is a gift we all have that we can give to others. It has the potential to be spread from one person to another creating a real difference in the world.  For this week’s prompt journal with art, digital medium, words and/or your own photographs, about ways you have touched others lives with kindness or how you have experienced the gift of kindness from others.



Using a wax or white crayon fill in lines of the stencil. The crayon marks will create a resist effect, the paint will only adhere to the paper where the crayon isn’t.


Paint the surface of your paper with water colors to show the image created with the crayon. I painted over one image at a time to help get an idea where each image was being placed in relation to another.


After I painted over the image with a lighter color I placed the stencil back over the image and added some darker colored paint for contrast.


I used Lindys Stamp Gang Magicals for my journal page. I love the vivid colors of this product and a little bit goes a long way.


Kindness has wings to spread around the world.

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