Prompt 21, Acceptance

Acceptance is the theme of this week’s prompt. The type of acceptance we are journaling about is acceptance of yourself. We offer our acceptance to others, to situations in our life, it is also important to offer it to ourselves in a positive way.

I was reading a book by Maeve Binchy, there is a character that announces what he sees as his faults to everyone he meets. An older woman he is working with says to him “Stop apologizing-like yourself-others will take you at exactly the same value as you put on yourself.” He listens to her and his life is changed for the better.”

You can respond to this prompt using art, digital, your own photographs and/ or writing. If you would like, select a symbol that reinforces positive thoughts and acceptance of yourself. I  created a personnel Mandala. I added words that are positive to me and reinforce uplifting thoughts about life and myself.


The Process:


I have been on a Pan Pastel kick lately! These are supplies that I have had for about 3 years. About 2 years ago I taught a class about using them at my local craft store. I used the pastels to color copied images and stamped with Perfect Medium,then used Pan Pastels to reveal the image. In this piece I only used the Pan Pastels with a Crafter’s Workshop stencil and used stamps with the Perfect Medium technique. I worked on a large sheet of mixed media paper. The paper is smooth with no tooth to it. Pan Pastels are great they are even erasable, I used a Magic Rub eraser, which works best.


When using stencils it helps to tape the stencil on place.


Pan Pastels are fantastic for layering. I used a tissue, paper towel, cotton swab or makeup sponge to apply. DSC01604

After I stamped the image onto the paper with the Perfect Medium I used the cotton swab to add the pastels to the image.

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