Prompt 20, Letting Go


Most people have something they need to let go of. It might be something from your past, a habit you are not happy with, emotions and feelings about certain situations or relationships. These feelings and thoughts are usually very personnel and private. Writing these thoughts in a journal is a great way to release some of these emotions. To keep them private, only you will know they are there, you can paint and or collage over your writing. For this prompt consider using some symbols of letting go in your art or writing. Butterflies, flower petals drifting away, flowing water, flying birds are a few examples of this type of symbolism.


I started off with a blank page and wrote some thoughts about the process of letting go.


Next I used acrylic paint to stencil the image of a women using a Dina Wakley stencil.


I wanted to give the impression of being caged in by thoughts. This stencil is a design from Julie Balzer.


Then I stared to add symbols to the composition. Arrows to show the process of choosing a direction and birds to symbolize the release of what I am holding on to.


For the final steps I add some water color to the page. If I was writing about my feelings and emotions I would have used a heavier layer of paint.

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