Prompt 19, Thankful


One of my earlier memories of my mother was her sitting at the kitchen table at my grandmother’s house, she would spill some salt into a pile in front of her, smooth it out and start to draw. As she was doing this my grandmother and she would talk. I never tried to interrupt her as she did this, somehow it was enough to just sit and watch her.

This is my first Mother’s Day without her. Looking back over the years we had together, I realize how much she influenced me to adopt a creative life style. Sometimes her attempts didn’t work out that well, like the time she sprayed painted an old sofa. It was a little bit uncomfortable to sit on afterwards. It still taught me to think out of the box and not to be afraid to try something.

Going through boxes of memorabilia I found birthday cards she made out of construction paper and magazine images. She would always add funny captions too. I know she would have love scrap-booking and mixed media collage.

For this prompt think of  a reason you are thankful to your Mom or a person that had those qualities of nurture and encouragement in your life. Maybe another relative, a friend or a teacher.

In this art technique Pan Pastels and/or Pastel Chalks are used with Perfect Medium


This tag was created using Perfect Medium applied to a stamp using a tissue Pastel Chalks were rubbed over the stamped image created with Perfect Medium. I used a cotton swab and applied additional chalk to the flowers. I then finished the tag by adding blue and yellow water color for the background.

mother earth

For the Mother Earth tag I used Pan Pastels and the Perfect Medium. I added some additional color to the tag with glitter pens and Pitt Brush Markers and watercolor.


This the Tim Holtz Flower Garden stamps I used for the tags. The images are fantastic!


Perfect Medium has a tacky consistency. It can be found in most craft stores.


Pan Pastels come in many colors. Two contrasting colors would be enough to complete any project.


Chalk Pastels are not as bright as the Pan Pastels. They also have a lighter consistency to them. If you like a neater look this is the product to use.


After I stamped with the perfect medium I applied some Pan Pastels to a tissue and rubbed gently over the stamped image.


The image becomes more pronounced  as you add more pastels.


These flowers were done on watercolor paper. I stamped the flower image on with the Perfect Medium and then used the chalk. I then painted with watercolor. What I like about this method is it gives a softer look than stamping with ink. This works well with watercolors.




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