Prompt 18, Slowing down


“The faster we live the less emotion is left in the world. The slower we live the deeper we feel the world around us” Stanko Abadzic

“It’s possible to be mindful at any speed-you can be sure an Olympic sprinter is completely focused and present for those 10 seconds it takes to run the 100 meters. But we all know there are times when speed becomes mindless, and when 21st-century life seems to be one big race. We find we’re unable to appreciate life because we’re rushing through it, with one eye always on the clock.” Mindfulness, A practical Guide, by Tessa Watt

We may not be able to live on a tropical island sipping a drink out of a pineapple, but we do need to try to have sometime when we do slow down. When I would come home from work I would pull into the drive way, turn off the car and just sit there for five minutes. It wasn’t much but it was enough time to separate work me from home me.

To respond to this prompt  journal about how you slow down and what do you notice when you do take time to take those few minutes for yourself.

Tag technique using  Tim Holtz Tissue Paper, Pitt Brush Marker and Acrylic Paint Pens



The first step is to “paint” the tag with Acrylic Matt Medium or Mod Podge, or a similar product.


Cover the tag with Tim Holtz Tissue Paper, gently rub with old credit card to press down paper, trim tissue paper to shape of tag.


I cut out the butterfly from the tissue paper. Find an element that you would like to add to your tag.


Glue the element in place. Let the tag thoroughly dry.


On the reverse side of the tag I glued a piece of card stock to add strength to the tag.


Here is my finished tag. I used Pitt Brush Markers and Acrylic Paint Pens to color and add designs and words. The quote from Gandhi reads “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.” Tags offer a  nice addition to a journal page, possibly tucked in a pocket.See the example of a pocket In my journal at the bottom of this page.

Also a tag booklet held together with ribbon or a metal ring is a great way to respond to prompts or create art when you have limited time. Below are a downloadable tag to color and a tag template. To download click on the word tags below. Print on card stock for the best result.



This is my response to the prompt, “Slowing Down” I made the pocket for the tag by cutting a piece of card stock into a rectangle. I ran red line tape along the sides and the bottom of the pocket and then glued it into place. There is a park I like to go to that has a lily pond.  It is a lovely place to sit and look at the water. I recreated the feeling of this place on the right hand page of my journal as a reminder to take some time to slow down.

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