Prompt 17, Imagination


The quote from Lauren Bacall, “Imagination is the highest Kite we can fly”, points out that there is no limits within our own imagination.We can dream up a painting, a collage, journal page, poem, story or digital composition.

The definition of Imagination is ” the act or power of forming  a mental image of something not present.” Miriam Webster Online Dictionary

We as artist and or writers can bring into reality a thought or an idea, that is indeed powerful! For your response to this weeks prompt answer one or both of the following questions: What is it that sparks your imagination? What are your thoughts on imagination?

This method of making a mark comes from the book, Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene McElroy and Sandra Wilson. It is a resist technique using dish washing soap.

You will need watercolor paper or a strong mixed media paper, dish washing liquid a dropper and or a spray bottle, a paint brush, paper towels, acrylic and or water color paint.


Take 1 teaspoon of dish washing liquid and add it to a cup of water. To get a more dramatic effect you can add one or two more teaspoons to the water. I did find I needed to add more soap to the mix for it to show up.


Here is my first attempt. I didn’t have the paint wet enough and there needed to be more soap in the water.


Try again! I used water color this time and made sure I used a lot of water when applying the paint.


Here is the next step I dropped the soapy mixture on the paper.  I found that using the dropper worked better than the spray. Let the paper dry, then take a paper towel and gently blot the remaining drops from the paper.


While creating this one I dipped my fingers in the water and waved my hand over the paper. When it dried I found it gave the best result.

feathers photo

I used a Julie Balzer stencil and a wooden feather I bought from Micheal’s to trace these feathers. Click on the word Feathers below to download the feather images. You may use the images for your own personnel art work.


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