Prompt 16, Create with Your Heart

The prompt this week is, Create with your whole heart!

When we create with our heart we may not know where we are going with an art piece, writing or a photograph session until we get there. Some type of art lends itself more to the process of letting go and just creating. One of these techniques is a master board. A master board can be created on a large sheet of paper using collage images, paint, ink, stencils or stamps. However you decided to respond to this prompt, try not to plan too much, just let go, have fun and see what happens, and of course let us know your feelings  on creating with this idea in mind.

Master Board Tutorial


Start with a large piece of mixed media paper or watercolor paper, gather paper images  Use an old credit card to run over the top of the images to adhere them to the paper. I used heavy gel medium to glue the images down. I like the this medium as it securely glues.


This is the paper with the images glued on to it. I used pages from old books, tissue paper, Tim Holtz tissue paper, coloring book images, images on regular copy paper from the internet, and various other papers.


After the paper was dry I used watercolor on a few places to start to unify the composition.


Next I used a stencil and Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain. I again only picked about 4 or 5 places on the sheet of paper to spray through the stencil. The concept is to keep the layers transparent and not cover the whole paper with one color or image.


This layer I used Gelatos . First rub the Gelatos on the surface on the paper, smudge with your finger, lay stencil on top of rubbed on Gelatos, use a baby wipe to remove some of the medium and reveal the stenciled image.


For this step stencils are used again to leave a mark. Use the acrylic paint of your choice and a makeup sponge to apply the paint. Use a tapping movement to apply the paint.


Use the stamps you like and Archival black ink to stamp images on different locations on the paper.


Here is the finished master board.


The theme of this week’s prompt is “Create with your Heart”, so of course I chose hearts for the image. The master board can be cut up into whatever shapes you would like, it can also be used for a background on journal pages. I have also used it for an inchies mosaic.


Here is what the finished hearts look like.

Below are of some of the hearts I created, feel free to have for your own use. Please no commercial product use allowed. Click on the word hearts to download.




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