Prompt 14, April 3, 2016

The prompt for this week: Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Use your imagination to respond to the prompt and get silly, funny or off beat. These words from D. Antoinette Fay is an example of  how our imagination can be used to twist reality a bit: “I wear the universe backwards. I imagine putting the stars in my coffee and sugar in the sky. I imagine going fishing in the clouds and watching the sun hide behind the lakes.”

I remember this type of thought as a child. Something as simple as putting chairs in a row and pretending you were on a plane going to some exotic location. You see this idea in children’s books too, such as Dr. Seuss. A whole make believe location with fanciful creatures.

There are also benefits to laughter for all of us. It relaxes your whole body, it boost your immune system and also endorphins are released to give you a feeling of well being.

You can take your response in the direction of something you think is funny or silly, or you can go with the offbeat where you create through words or art a fantasy land. The most important thing to remember with this prompt is to have fun.


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