Prompt 13, March 27,2016

Prompt 13: Renewal

Spring is the time of renewal. The earth comes back to life after the long winter. In the winter the weather can be harsh and cold. In life there are also storms we must weather, sometimes emotional ones, sometimes physical, usually both as our emotional and physical are linked together.

Paul Cezanne said, “Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience” If we do not take a few minutes to renew or refresh ourselves we will not be able to look at things clearly. In a busy life it is difficult to find time for renewal, but I feel it is as essential as drinking water. The importance of this concept has been shown through different studies that prove how stress can negatively effect us physically and psychologically.

We need time to renew from stressful events in our life. For this prompt respond by answering what you can do to renew or refresh yourself.


2 thoughts on “Prompt 13, March 27,2016

  1. To refresh myself in whole- I would say to take a step back, find a place of silence, sit and close my eyes, breathe in the smells of the new fallen season, breathe deeper and let all my thoughts flow with the winds that blow while soaking rays of sunshine glistening down upon me as the warming rays spill energy into my soul. Breathe deeper, now more relaxed, hear the birds chirping the squirrels jumping, the sounds of nature so comforting, I can hear my heart pounding like a slow beat of a drum, the juice of red flowing inside me like the waves of a quiet oceans water swaying with the gentleness of the breeze. Oh, I love these moments even if only a few, now back to reality with a big deep breath, walking and running, busy as a bee, eating healthy, sleeping better, being grateful too! Breathing with air coming through a tube, soon be without that with lots of prayers and strength to keep me strong and true, allowing the depression to turn-a-round with smiles and loves from little arms of preciousness, squeezes of joys within my heart, my soul is content with the new refreshed and renewed me. <3. "Sorry a little long- but with a loving heart so much bigger when renewed." Love this journaling, it keeps me feeling alive and well in worthlyness.

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