Prompt 12, March 20, 2016


Prompt 12: Tell a little about yourself.

We are all people with many different aspects to us, like pieces of a puzzle. In different situations you may bring out different qualities of your personality. Such as the skills you use at work may be different than the ones you use at home. In this way we fit into the greater puzzle of life. We may not realize how our piece fits into another persons life, but our influence may be the piece that completes something for that person.

I think all of us have moments where we ask who am I (?). In Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s different adventures down the rabbit hole makes her examine her own identity as the different characters see her in different ways, as different identities.

It is important for us to define ourselves.

For Prompt 12 define yourself and pick one aspect of who are and respond to the prompt through art journaling, scrapbooking, writing, photographs and descriptions, or digital media.


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