Pat Robair Journal Page Technique

Pat Robair, member of Journal with Minfdfulness 2016, a Facebook group, kindly agreed to share her art technique for a journal spread she recently posted to the group pages.

pats work

Pat Robair’s Journal Pages

Here our Pat’s instructions:

To prepare: Gesso plain, white cardstock journal pages. Let dry.

  1. Paint prepared pages with black acrylic paint.
  2. Glue on birdcage cut out and news “scrap”. I use torn pages from craft magazines.
  3. Randomly stamp with background stamps. Then use embossing powder to add depth and shine.
  4. Spread gold Modellier Creme (any gold acrylic paint will work) on a gel plate, using a brayer to smooth it out, then press stamp on surface to apply gold paint. Stamp a large musical stamp directly onto the pages.
  5. Finish the pages by using Liquid Pearls in different colors. I squirted it around the page and made circles with my fingers.
  6. The final step (when completely dry) is to spray the whole thing with “Heidi Swap” spray. The shade I used is called Tea.

All done!


Pictured here is all the supplies that Pat used in her journal spread.

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