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Prompt 13, March 27,2016

Prompt 13: Renewal

Spring is the time of renewal. The earth comes back to life after the long winter. In the winter the weather can be harsh and cold. In life there are also storms we must weather, sometimes emotional ones, sometimes physical, usually both as our emotional and physical are linked together.

Paul Cezanne said, “Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience” If we do not take a few minutes to renew or refresh ourselves we will not be able to look at things clearly. In a busy life it is difficult to find time for renewal, but I feel it is as essential as drinking water. The importance of this concept has been shown through different studies that prove how stress can negatively effect us physically and psychologically.

We need time to renew from stressful events in our life. For this prompt respond by answering what you can do to renew or refresh yourself.


Prompt 12, March 20, 2016


Prompt 12: Tell a little about yourself.

We are all people with many different aspects to us, like pieces of a puzzle. In different situations you may bring out different qualities of your personality. Such as the skills you use at work may be different than the ones you use at home. In this way we fit into the greater puzzle of life. We may not realize how our piece fits into another persons life, but our influence may be the piece that completes something for that person.

I think all of us have moments where we ask who am I (?). In Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s different adventures down the rabbit hole makes her examine her own identity as the different characters see her in different ways, as different identities.

It is important for us to define ourselves.

For Prompt 12 define yourself and pick one aspect of who are and respond to the prompt through art journaling, scrapbooking, writing, photographs and descriptions, or digital media.


Prompt 11, March 13, 2016

Prompt 11 What is your favorite fragrance or scent?

In my garden I have lavender planted right outside my kitchen door. After it rains and the sun is out again, the scent is wonderful from these plants. The old fashioned flowering plants have fragrances. As plants were hybridized their scents were breed out. Which I think is a tragedy. In a corner of our yard I have lilac bushes from my Grandmother’s yard. The blooms do not last more than two weeks, but when they are out it is heavenly.

Fragrances can invigorate us, calm us and invoke memories. For this week’s prompt think of your favorite fragrance and why you like that scent. What effect does it have on you?

Prompt 10, March 6, 2016

When Henri Matisse was in his older years he wasn’t physically able to continue painting.¬† The artist instead cut out elements for collage using large scissors. Matisse called it painting with scissors. In a lot of ways that is what life is like; we take individual elements and create the collage of our daily lives.

The prompt this week is about that idea of what element(s) in your day makes it a good one. I am sure Matisse’s days were not without pain, yet he continued. Our days may not be perfect, but the elements that make up our days can be good.

In honor of Matisse’s creative spirit: “What elements of your day make it a good one?” Or phrased in another way, “What events in your day makes you happy or appreciative?”



Le Gerbe  Henri Matisse


Pat Robair Journal Page Technique

Pat Robair, member of Journal with Minfdfulness 2016, a Facebook group, kindly agreed to share her art technique for a journal spread she recently posted to the group pages.

pats work

Pat Robair’s Journal Pages

Here our Pat’s instructions:

To prepare: Gesso plain, white cardstock journal pages. Let dry.

  1. Paint prepared pages with black acrylic paint.
  2. Glue on birdcage cut out and news “scrap”. I use torn pages from craft magazines.
  3. Randomly stamp with background stamps. Then use embossing powder to add depth and shine.
  4. Spread gold Modellier Creme (any gold acrylic paint will work) on a gel plate, using a brayer to smooth it out, then press stamp on surface to apply gold paint. Stamp a large musical stamp directly onto the pages.
  5. Finish the pages by using Liquid Pearls in different colors. I squirted it around the page and made circles with my fingers.
  6. The final step (when completely dry) is to spray the whole thing with “Heidi Swap” spray. The shade I used is called Tea.

All done!


Pictured here is all the supplies that Pat used in her journal spread.