Member’s Art 5

Diane Hovey Prompt 4 A Mindful Minute

Diane Hovey- Friends

Jaya Gangam PROMPT 5 surrender

Jaya Gangam -Surrender

Diane Hovey Prompt 5 Embrace

Diane Hovey- Embrace

Michele Mekel Prompt 8 Helpful Insights

Michele Mekel- Cycles of Life

Diane Hovey Prompt 6 Wandering in the Wilderness

Diane Hovey- Wandering in the Wilderness

Pauline Guppy Prompt 7 Oliver

Pauline Guppy- Oliver

Mollie Eaton Lynus

Mollie Eaton- Lynus

Diane Hovey Prompt 7 Feline Companions

Diane Hovey- Feline Companions

Jaya Gangam Moment to be present in

Jaya Gangam- Believe

Prompt 7 love mara coyle

Mara Coyle Love

Mara Coyle Horse

Mara Coyle Card from a friend

Henry Mara coyle


Mara Coyle  Henry

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