Prompt 7, Feburary 14, 2016

This week’s prompt is, “What is your favorite animal companion or animal from nature?” “What lessons have you learned from them?”DSCF0981

These are my two cats. The white cat is about 7 years old and likes to spend her day sleeping on the couch and looking out the window. When we introduced the kitten we wondered how the older cat would react. She immediately adopted the little cat. She also demonstrated the utmost patience when the kitten wanted to play, even when she was woken up from a sound sleep.


This is my response to Prompt 7. I painted in the wild cat next to the house cat to represent the attitude of the smaller cat. Another lesson from observing a cat… It’s not your size or your situation, it is your attitude that matters.


The first layer I applied was Peerless Watercolor. I then use a stencil with the water color. I also applied Dina Wakley acrylic paint  through a stencil to create a second layer.


The Peerless Water Color comes in a booklet. The compact size makes it perfect for travel. The watercolor is on a rectangle shaped paper.


This is the outside cover of the watercolor booklet.


These are the colors that are included in the Peerless booklet. The colors are very vibrant. One of the limiting factors is using the paints for backgrounds. I completely used one of the color sheets when painting backgrounds on 20 artist trading cards. For painting details these paints are wonderful.


This is an example of using the Peerless watercolor through a stencil, using a makeup sponge as an applicator.




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