Art On the Road

It’s a cold Saturday, a perfect day to drive to our local craft and art supply store, The Papercraft Clubhouse, for Studio Saturday! My art buddy, Peej and I had one large table to share. I love seeing what projects all the other artist and crafters are busy creating. It’s also a nice time to get to talk artsy with other people. Nice table space to spread all your supplies out on too!


Peej is working with deli paper. She has applied Acrylic paint to the bottom sheet of deli paper and gets another impression by placing another piece of paper on top of the first.


Peej learned this technique when she took a Julie Blazer class. This is her finished product. These sheets will be used for backgrounds in future art journal pages. Love the colors!


Here I am applying the beginning layers for my pages in my Mindfulness Journal. My first layer was Peerless watercolor. I also used one of the cover sheets from my Peerless watercolor booklet as a collage element on my journal pages, I use Golden Heavy Matte Gel Medium as an adhesive. I have tried other gluing agents and find I get the best results with this Golden product. What a fun day!

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