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Prompt 9, February 28, 2016


The prompt for this week is, “What sound or music makes you feel spiritual or mystical?” an alternate prompt is “What is your favorite sound or music?” The most soothing sound to the human ear is 12 cycles a minute. That is why the sound of waves at the beach is so soothing. I believe that everyone has a song that makes them think of a past experience or time period in life. There are certain sounds that place us in a state of reverence. Depending on your beliefs or spiritual life and your individual personality these may be different for each person. Looking forward to everyone’s journal responses for this prompt.


Member’s Art 5

Diane Hovey Prompt 4 A Mindful Minute

Diane Hovey- Friends

Jaya Gangam PROMPT 5 surrender

Jaya Gangam -Surrender

Diane Hovey Prompt 5 Embrace

Diane Hovey- Embrace

Michele Mekel Prompt 8 Helpful Insights

Michele Mekel- Cycles of Life

Diane Hovey Prompt 6 Wandering in the Wilderness

Diane Hovey- Wandering in the Wilderness

Pauline Guppy Prompt 7 Oliver

Pauline Guppy- Oliver

Mollie Eaton Lynus

Mollie Eaton- Lynus

Diane Hovey Prompt 7 Feline Companions

Diane Hovey- Feline Companions

Jaya Gangam Moment to be present in

Jaya Gangam- Believe

Prompt 7 love mara coyle

Mara Coyle Love

Mara Coyle Horse

Mara Coyle Card from a friend

Henry Mara coyle


Mara Coyle  Henry

Prompt 8, February 21, 2016

This weeks prompt is: “What have you learned this week that is helpful to you?” Everyday we take in so much information from the radio, television, online, items we read and from talking to those we come into contact with, some of the things are ephemeral, as the old saying goes in one ear and out the other. Other things are those pieces of information we find valuable. I still use those cooking tips my grandmother told me all those years ago. With information concerning art I will search it out, through YouTube videos, books, magazines, other artist, or classes I attend. As you go through your week look for  information that you pay attention to, something you know you will remember and refer back to again.

mindful learning



Mini Muse Minute-Stencil Demo

Mini Muse and I traveled to the PaperCraft Clubhouse today for the monthly art group meeting.



Diane Hovey demonstrated a stencil technique using a Dream Weaver Brass Stencil.


Use a palette knife to spread the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste over the stencil in a thin layer. Diane advised taping the end of the stencil to your working surface to hold it in place and putting post it notes on the side of the stencil to make it easier to clean up. Carefully lift up the stencil to remove. Then let image dry.


Dreamweaver Embossing Paste


These pastels were used to color the embossed image.


Applying the pastels were easy using a cotton swab.


Here is the finished product. It can be sprayed with Aqua Net type hair spray to seal the pastels.

Mini Muse Minute

Say Hi to Mini Muse! Mini Muse will visit from time to time with ideas for creating art in a small format. I think working small can be really fun!!!


If you want to create art and are limited on time a smaller format may be the solution.

mini 1

This Strathmore Visual Journal is 3.5″ x 5″, it is filled with mixed media paper. The stamp is from Dina Wakley, perfect for working in a smaller sized journal.

girl 1

Here is the finished journal pages. This spread took about 10 minutes to complete.

Member’s Art 4

Prompt 5 annie G-i Art Stand Still

Annie G-i Art- Prompt 5- Stand Still

Peej word prompt

Peej Lankford- Prompt 5- Direction


Pauline Guppy one word today

Pauline Guppy- Prompt 5- Direction

Mollie Eaton Prompt 5 word

Mollie Eaton- Prompt 5- Breathe

Michele Mekel word

Michele Mekel- Prompt 5 -Shakti

Mara Coyle word unfurl

Mara Coyle- Prompt 5 -Unfurl

Pauline Guppy Prompt 6

Pauline Guppy- Prompt 6- Extraordinary Adventures

Mollie Eaton Prompt 6

Mollie Eaton- Prompt 6 -Aloha

Michele Mekel Prompt 6

Prompt 6- Michele Mekel- Bangladazzled and Bangladazed



Peej Lankford- Prompt 6 -Journey


Michele Mekel Prompt 7

Prompt 7- Michele Mekel- Where the Wild Things Roam

Art On the Road

It’s a cold Saturday, a perfect day to drive to our local craft and art supply store, The Papercraft Clubhouse, for Studio Saturday! My art buddy, Peej and I had one large table to share. I love seeing what projects all the other artist and crafters are busy creating. It’s also a nice time to get to talk artsy with other people. Nice table space to spread all your supplies out on too!


Peej is working with deli paper. She has applied Acrylic paint to the bottom sheet of deli paper and gets another impression by placing another piece of paper on top of the first.


Peej learned this technique when she took a Julie Blazer class. This is her finished product. These sheets will be used for backgrounds in future art journal pages. Love the colors!


Here I am applying the beginning layers for my pages in my Mindfulness Journal. My first layer was Peerless watercolor. I also used one of the cover sheets from my Peerless watercolor booklet as a collage element on my journal pages, I use Golden Heavy Matte Gel Medium as an adhesive. I have tried other gluing agents and find I get the best results with this Golden product. What a fun day!