Background Technique / Prompt 4


In my response to Prompt 4, “Select a Moment to be Present in”, Journal with Mindfulness 2016, a Facebook Group I chose a moment when I went outside my house to feed the birds. There is a tall pine tree where all the small birds live. My favorite is the friendly Chickadee. The Chickadee hopped on to a branch and chirped as I filled the feeder. I thought about how tough the little bird was, to be able to stand up to the harsh winter weather. A lesson in resiliency. The following photos and text describe the background technique I used that combined a stenciled image using white acrylic paint and watercolor.


The photo above shows the acrylic paint I used for the background. It is the Dina Wakley color, Sky. One of my favorite blues as you can see from the outside appearance of the tube! Since white paint will be used to stencil the image cover your whole page with a darker color you like.


After selecting a stencil, use white paint with a sponge to create the image. Move the stencil around the page. Use the center part of the stencil. If you stencil the whole image it will create a blocked appearance. Let only smaller parts of the image show on the painted journal page, leaving some areas blank.


Using watercolor and a larger brush add some shading to your background. Only add a small amount of paint at a time. Your brush should be wet but not soaked with water. If you have too much paint on the brush or background you can blot the excess with a paper towel. I created this page in a technique journal, I use the journal to record art ideas I have, color combinations, images, and notes from mixed media art classes I have attended. I use it as a reference when I am looking for an idea to use in my art. It is the hard copy version of a Pinterest board.



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